The visual Identity of The University’s Logo.

The visual Identity of The University’s Logo.

Analysis of the elements of Sebha University logo:

A logo is a non-verbal language that differs from spoken language in which we interpret meaning through centralization of the message. In other words, all language speakers understand the meaning in a centralized way through interpretation. As for the logo, its meaning relies on interpretation, which is emphasized and studied by the science of semiotics and studies the symbol in which the meaning is not apparent but hidden.

The Elements of The University Logo That Represent The Surface Structure are:

1- The blue color surrounding the logo from below, left, and right.

2- The two ears of wheat leaning on the edges of the book from right to left.

3- The sea that surrounds the logo until it reaches the sides of the word “Read”.

4- The silver color, in the form of a circle, comes after the sea.

5- The sun in which light and radiance appear.

6- The book, positioned as the foundation of the logo.

7- The inkwell.

8- The pen.

9- When the logo is placed from top to bottom, the face of a lion appears.

Semiological Analysis:

  1. The blue color symbolizes giving, purity, life, death, and abundance. This is what Sebha University represents as its knowledge is abundant, and students attain success or failure based on their scientific abilities. The sea combines beautiful living and death, meaning the end and nothingness. In addition to the blue color, the blue sky also represents vastness and joy because the sky covers the earth, which signifies the reach of Sebha University to various places.
  2.  The ears of wheat symbolize fertility and abundance of crops, which reflects on the scientific direction. The fact that the wheat ears are leaning on the edges of the book indicates that the book is the source of life for the wheat ears, and the book is the source of knowledge.
  3. The silver color represents clarity and radiance, resembling dawn.
  4. The symbol of surrounding the logo with silver color from the inside signifies the general clarity and radiance in all the university’s disciplines.
  5. The sun symbolizes light, radiance, and the spreading of its knowledge to the eastern and western parts of the earth.
  6. The book, positioned as the foundation of the logo, signifies that everything successful has a foundation, and the university’s foundation is the book. The book being open on both sides indicates the clarity of the approach and educational process.
  7. The inkwell symbolizes giving, abundance, and generosity, as the linguistic term “ink” denotes abundance, and the ink or the knowledgeable ink is expansive. Ink is also referred to as “maddad,” which means extension, and extension means to give without limit.
  8. The pen is considered the pillar of knowledge, as mentioned in the first verse of the Quran, where Allah says, “Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous, Who taught by the pen,” and the pen is one of the pillars of civilization for any nation. Islamic civilization was characterized by the sword and the pen, which are the pillars of civilization.
  9. The face of a lion that appears when the logo is inverted symbolizes the strength represented by the strength of the university’s graduates, as well as the strength, authenticity, and strength of the educational curriculum.

These are the distinct features of the semiological analysis of the university logo, and we have relied on interpretation. It is known that different interpretations indicate different perspectives and agreement on meaning. Some people may perceive the sea as abundance, others as purity, and some as giving.