Sada Al-Jami\’a Electronic Magazine

Sada Al-Jami’a Electronic Magazine

It is a scientific and cultural journal issued by the University Media Center, documenting the university’s activities in a professional and specialized journalistic style. Its publications cover various activities of the academic year and its events, accomplished by the university and presented to the surrounding community. The issues generally include university news, panel discussions, workshops, lectures, reports on local and international conferences, agreements, memorandums of cooperation, visits, and competitions.

The center's electronic magazine

Number -3

Sada Al-Jami’a Electronic Magazine

“Sada Al-Jami’a” is a monthly scientific, cultural, and news magazine published by the University Media Center.

We are pleased to present to our esteemed readers “Sada Al-Jami’a,” which is issued by the University Media Center at Sebha University. Undoubtedly, the determination of the University Media Center team in achieving its goals is a vivid embodiment of the scientific movement witnessed by Sebha University all over the faculties. The significance of the contributions presented in this issue is further emphasized as they encompass various aspects of knowledge, including intellectual and social topics.

No magazine can define its identity and direction since its first or second issue, but it strives to provide initial indicators of its ambition and direction through the long and challenging path that requires seriousness, creativity, and enlightenment. In this regard, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the editorial board for their valuable efforts in ensuring the timely publication of this issue.

By the Editor-in-Chief,

Ms. Suad Ibrahim

The center's electronic magazine


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It is a monthly scientific, cultural, and news magazine issued by the University Media Center – Sebha University