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Endorsement and Commitment to abide the Study Rules

Ethics is one of the Necessities of civilized life, and a basic Requirement for the Organization and Stability of society, and its Absence means the dominance of the law of chaos. The University in particular, as an Institution with an Educational, Enlightening and Educative role, is responsible for spreading Morals, not only as a practice, but also in its policy and in all that it calls for. The University is responsible for Moral obligation in performance, The University responsible for developing Moral Obligation among its Students. Welcome to the Registration Portal for New Undergraduate Students.

Confirmation of the pioneering role of Sebha University since its Establishment in 1976 by Resolution No. (187) as an Independent University in 1983 and in order to achieve its mission in Terms of Education and Research, Community service and development of the surrounding Environment, and in line with the moral principles stipulated and in connection with the Goals, Rights and Obligations in the Law regulating Universities in 1955, and the University’s belief in promoting.

This is  need to develop an Ethical charter for the University Student that defines Responsibilities and Duties between Students and the University. This was the Ethical charter for the University student at Sebha University.

The Student must abide the following Points:

  • Showing the Faculty ID when entering the Faculty campus, when attending Lectures, and in all dealings within the Faculty, and protecting it from damage and loss.
  • The Student does not give his Card to others to facilitate entry to the Faculty Campus in an incorrect way, and he bears the Responsibilities of that in the event of this happening.
  • Not to leave the Faculty with any Person or Entity without the knowledge and Consent of the Guardian.
  • When the Faculty Identification card is lost, the Student must bring an Official Report from the nearest Police station.
  • Not to falsify or distort any Information provided to the Faculty, whether through direct Communication with Employees, Official Documents, Faculty Websites or various Social Networking sites.
  • Turn off the Phone and not use it inside the Classroom at all.
  • Not wearing Sunglasses and Hats of all kinds inside the Classroom.
  • Not using the classrooms and taking them as places for rest and Keep their Cleanliness.
  • Using Modern Technology, such as devices, Mobile phones, Personal Computers, or any other electronic devices from personal property, except for Academic purposes within the Faculty, and in the event that it is broadcast otherwise, it will be confiscated.
  • Not to use or deal in any Narcotics or Alcoholic beverages on Campus, or in any place affiliated with the University.
  • Harassment by Word or Deed is Prohibited on Faculty Campus or any place of the University.
  • Not to Insult Faculty Members with Verbal or Actual Performance.
  • Not to participate in any Activities or Gatherings that would disturb the Educational process on Campus, except with the Permission of the University Administration and coordination with Students in University Faculties, and if the student is caught doing these Activities, The Student will be transferred to a Disciplinary board and the maximum penalties will be applied against him And up to the final Semester of the University.
  • Not to hold Activities or Events outside the University in the name of Sebha University without Official Permission from the University Administration, and whoever violates this will be subject to the Stipulated Disciplinary Procedures.
  • Study hard and participate in Lectures, and the Student bears the Responsibility to follow up on Announcements, Assignments, and Activities related to the Course, even in the event of His/Her Absence, and to respect and abide by Midterm and final Exam Dates.
  • The Student bears the Responsibility of following up the Hours of Absence and providing official Justifications to the Administration of the department within a Period not exceeding one week from the date of Absence.
  • The Student shall not undertake any acts of Vandalism or danger to life or property that affect discipline, the course of study or work at the University, such as “sit-ins, marches, Incitement, Assistance, Agreement or participation in any of these acts.” Possession, carrying, or use of any firearm, blade, skewer, stick, or any device that is itself a weapon or any Incendiary, Flammable, projectile, Ammunition, or other material that exposes Students and University Employees and University facilities at risk.
  • Adhere to the Dress that is in line with our Religion, Customs and Traditions.
  • Positive Participation of a Student in Various Activities, Including Artistic, Cultural, Literary, Intellectual and Sports within the University and its Various Faculties.

Student Charter

Sebha University is keen to create a distinguished Academic Environment based on Respect and Cooperation between its Members and Employees by Consolidating the Principles of discipline, Commitment and a sense of Responsibility, enhancing Leadership skills and Self-confidence, Instilling Initiative and Developing Communication and thinking skills, and Encouraging them to search, Innovate, and Creation.

The Student at Sebha University must adhere to his rights and his duties and responsibilities, and accordingly, every departure from the laws, Regulations, Regulations and Instructions in force within the University is a Violation that requires discipline, and the Application of these penalties will be decisive. And it may effect on your Academic Future at the University, and these penalties include:

  • Verbal Alert.
  • Call the Guardian.
  • The Written Warning is kept in the Student’s File.
  • Refer the Student to the Sanctions Committee.
  • Dismissal or Suspension of Enrollment.

Endorsement and Commitment to abide the Study Rules

I declare that I have reviewed and fully adhered to all Laws and General Regulations for Undergraduate Students at Sebha University and the State of Libya, to abide fully Commitment and that:

  • I looked at the Applicable Laws at Sebha University.
  • Adhere to Laws, Regulations and Instructions.
  • All Regulations will be strictly adhered to and I shall be of good conduct and good Reputation.
  • I will keep all University Property and will keep it’s Quality up to date.
  • Fully commit to attending Conferences and forums organized by the University.
  • I am committed to Enrolling in the study in the year in which I Registered.

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I declare that I and my Guardian have reviewed all the laws and Regulations of the University and the Instructions above, and we agree to them, and we bear full Responsibility, and we have no right to object to that on the contrary.