Sebha University Internal Audit Office

Sebha University Internal Audit Office:

The office at Sebha University  specializes in many Tasks and Specializations assigned to it in accordance with the Regulations and Legislation recently, in force that it adheres to in Order to complete its Tasks as fully as Possible. Specializations are the following:

  1. Reviewing Documents before and after Disbursement, verifying the Financial Procedures, and ensuring their Conformity with the Legislation in force.
  2. Reviewing Revenue collecting and ensuring that it is deposited in the University’s Revenue Account.
  3. Confirming the Law Enforcement  of Financial Laws and Regulations and conducting an Inventory of the Various Stores affiliated with the University.
  4. Responding to the Notes and Inquiries of the Financial Supervisory Authority, and preparing Reports on the Results of the Audit.

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