Legal Affairs Office


Legal Affairs Office:

Duties of the Legal Affairs Office:

The Office of Legal Affairs at Sebha University performs the following Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Preparing and forming Draft Regulations and Decisions related to the University, in coordination with the relevant competent authorities.
  2. Expressing a Legal opinion on what is required to, in addition to that, Preparing Legal Notes in this regard.
  3. Forming Contracts concluded by the University.
  4. Forming Draft Agreements Concluded by the University with other Entities.
  5. Contacting Departments and Legal Offices in other sectors in all Matters of Legal concern to the University.
  6. Follow up the Law Cases filed by or against the University and prepare the necessary Legal  Notes in this regard.
  7. Take charge of the Investigations assigned to, and expose the Results.
  8. Any other matters assigned to the Office.
القرارات والتعميمات

 Office   Sections of  Legal Affairs The

 The Department specializes in the following   :

  1. Express opinion and legal advice on issues presented to the office .
  2. Forming Legal Notes that the University president or vice-president deems to be presented to the Office.
  3. Making  Investigation Procedures and Examination of complaints related to the University.
  4. Participate in committees, Meetings and Tasks that require Legal Elements related to the work of the department.
  5. The Department Participates in preparing and reviewing Laws and Legislation related to the University.
  6. The Tasks assigned to The Department by the Office Manager.
  7. Preparing Periodic and Annual Reports in the Field of work of the Department.

The section specializes in the following:

  1. Follow-up the Cases filed by or against the University and coordinate with the case Management and its branches in the various Regions and the Entities affiliated with the University in this regard.
  2. Preparing Legal Notes and the necessary Defenses regarding cases filed by and for the University.
  3. Listing the Cases filed by and for the University, in addition to Specify the Stage of each Case.
  4. The Tasks assigned to The Office by the Office Manager.
  5. Finally, Preparing Periodic and Annual Reports in the Field of Work of the Department.

The section specializes in the following:

1 – Preparing and reviewing draft contracts to which the university is a party.
2 – Maintaining and keeping documents and records of contracts.
3 – Preparing and drafting the decisions that are referred by the president, the agent or the general clerk, recording          and stamping them, and supervising their referral.
4 – Participation in meetings, committees and tasks related to the work of the department.
5 – The tasks assigned to him by the office manage.
6 – Preparing periodic and annual reports in the field of work of the Department


The section specializes in the following:

  1. Opening and maintaining Records related to Incoming and Outgoing mail, Decisions and Contracts, and organizing their Documentation and Distribution.
  2. Doing Printing, Drawing and photocopying work.
  3. Follow up the Attendance and Departure of the Office’s Employees.
  4. Specify the needs of office Tools and Equipment, Stationery and other Work Requirements in the Office.
  5. Follow up on the procedures taken regarding the Correspondence issued by the Office.
  6. Doing reception and Inquiries work for office Visitors.
  7. Participate in Meetings, Committees and Tasks related to the Work of the Department.
  8. The Tasks assigned to the Office by the Office Manager.
  9. Preparing Periodic and annual Reports on the Field of the Department.
  10. Carrying out the Procedures for granting Leaves of all kinds to the Office Staff.
  11. Deliver Incoming Messages to the Office Manager after being recorded in the Incoming Register.
  12. Save copies of Incoming and Outgoing Correspondence in the Files designated for it.
  13. Delivery of Judgment letters to the destinations to which they are addressed after being recorded in their Register.