Sebha University’s Council


Sebha University’s Council

Sebha University’s Council follows:

  • Faculties

  • University Centers
  • Departments and Offices

Sebha University’s Council membership consists of:

  • Faculties’ Deans
  • General Registrar
  • Research and Consulting Center
  • Manager of Faculty Members Administration
  • Manager of Master degree Studies and Training Department

It is also possible to attend the meeting at the invitation of the President of the University as needed from:

  • A representative of the planning council in the municipality in which the university is located.
  • The Responsible of Teaching Members Union at University.
  • Representative of the Student Union at the university.
  • Representative of the university administrators.
  • And those who mentioned Earlier.

Terms of References of Sebha University Council

The role of Sebha University Council as follow:

  • Contribute to link the university with community issues and addressing social problems that is exist within the scope of the university.
  • Propose general plans and programs for the development of university education.
  • Agreeing for accepting donations, subsidies, gifts and bequests.
  • Approval for awarding honorary certificates.
  • Proposal to award scientific excellence awards to professors, students, Faculties and scientific departments at the university.
  • Contribute to preserving the university’s reputation, supporting its position, and suggesting preventive plans to preserve community values ​​and prevent destructive phenomena.

Duties of the University Council:

The University Council is responsible for drawing up the general policy for the university, to achieve the purposes for which it was established, this is within the limits of the general objectives of the state and the policy drawn up by the competent authorities. The University Council is in charge of managing its affairs, and it has, in particular, the following:

  • Managing, investing and disposing of university funds in accordance with the legislation in force.
  • Assigning the president of the university or his representative to perform some legal actions that enter its competence.
  • Supervision the public order in the university, Faculties, scientific departments, and technical research centers affiliated to it.
  • Approving the budget and final account of the university and referring it to the competent authorities.
  • Proposal to establish Faculties at the university.
  • Approving the establishment of scientific and administrative departments at the university based on the proposal of the deans of the colleges and departments affiliated to them.
  • Suggest Hiring Teaching members, working on their promotion, and their movements to and from the university, and their delegation and secondment based on the approval of the competent faculty and in a manner that does not conflict with the legislation that are decided.
  • Approving the use of part-time job members who are busy (collaborators) in accordance with the legislation that are decided.
  • Approval for the university study plans.
  • Approval for internal regulations for Faculties, scientific departments, scientific consulting offices, research centers and scientific studies in accordance with the legislation issued in this regard.
  • Supervising the establishment and maintenance of university facilities.
  • Granting scientific degrees and other certificates, and proposing to grant honorary degrees.
  • Organizing the Acceptance of students to Faculties or scientific departments in coordination with the competent authorities.
  • Granting leaves to faculty members inside, in accordance with the applicable regulations and systems.
  • Develop systems for rewards and financial aid of all kinds, in a manner that does not contradict with the ongoing legislation.
  • Inviting visiting professors and examiners and disbursing the financial reward in accordance with the applicable regulations.
Leadership in education and scientific research
Leadership in education and scientific research
Leadership in education and scientific research
Leadership in education and scientific research