The Media Center

About the Center

The University Media Center was established at Sebha University by a decision of the university president (formerly) under number 416 issued on 7/10/2001 in order to cover and document the activities of Sebha University and to issue the necessary bulletins and journals to achieve this goal.

Objectives of the Center:

  1. Coverage and documentation of various university activities.
  2. Issuing bulletins and journals.
  3. Showcasing the university’s activities and its relationship with the community.
  4. Communication and coordination with media institutions inside and outside the university.

Vision of the Center:

To be a leading and innovative media center in providing university media services.

Mission of the Center:

Highlighting the university’s achievements to the community.

Sada Al-Jami’a Magazine:

Sada Al-Jami’a is a monthly news magazine issued by the University Media Center, which focuses on monitoring and documenting the activities of Sebha University in a professional and specialized journalistic style. Its publications cover the academic year’s activities and events implemented by the university and presented to the local community, especially events that reflect the university’s strategy and its mission towards excellence and leadership in education and community service.

The issues generally include news about the university, seminars, dialogues, workshops, lectures, reports on local and international conferences, agreements or memoranda of cooperation, visits, and competitions.

For more information about Sada Al-Jami’a Magazine, it can be browsed electronically by visiting the electronic newsletter website or the university’s magazine.

مجلة مركز الاعلام الجامعي

For further information, please contact the administration:

Telephone number: 0712626012

Fax: 0712632697

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