University Security Office

The University Security Office

The University Security Office specializes in the following:

  1. Securing and guarding university facilities.
  2. Participating in the development of programs and procedures to ensure the effective implementation of security for university facilities.
  3. Collaborating with security authorities in the surveillance and guarding of university facilities.
  4. Monitoring and combating behaviors that threaten security and public morals in universities and higher institutes, and taking necessary legal measures to address and prevent them.
  5. Implementing necessary security programs during examinations, protecting those carrying out the exams and their belongings.
  6. Supervising and organizing parking areas, monitoring university entrances and exits in coordination with relevant departments.
  7. Identifying security needs for areas to be guarded, including personnel and material resources.
  8. Participating in the development of systems, procedures, and necessary conditions for selecting and employing personnel required for university security operations.
  9. Compiling regular reports on the office’s activities.
  10. Performing other similar tasks assigned to the office.