Office of Development and Self-Resources

Sebha University Development and Self-Resources Office:

The Office of Development and Self-Resources at Sebha University specializes in many Tasks and Specializations assigned to it in accordance with the Regulations and Legislation in force that it adheres to in order to complete its tasks as fully as possible. its  specialties  are the following:

  1. Conducting the necessary research and studies to determine the ways and areas of developing the University’s own resources and preparing the necessary plans and programs for their Implementation.
  2. Management  the university’s service facilities, such as cafes, restaurants, canteens, laundries, and others, in a manner that ensures the provision of an appropriate return for them.
  3. Organizing benefit from Medical testing laboratories, Clinics and pharmacies in providing services to Citizens for an appropriate fee.
  4. Investing in real estate, land, and parking vehicles belonging to the University.
  5. Organizing the entry of non-working vehicles to ensure an adequate return.
  6. Organizing the benefit of productive facilities such as farms, carpentry and blacksmiths workshops, and vehicle maintenance in providing the needs of workers and citizens for an appropriate fee that guarantees the provision of a Self-Resource for the University.
  7. Doing everything that would make the University depend on itself to cover its Expenses.
  8. Participate in Committees and Work Teams related to the Office’s Activity.

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