Scientific Research and Consultation Center

مركز البحوث والاستشارات العلمية

Scientific Research and Consultation Center of Sebha University


They are specialized scientific research centers that aim to achieve a comprehensive and integrated scientific renaissance through research, periodicals, senior consulting and others, in all disciplines in the fields of humanities and applied sciences and all disciplines related to the activity of colleges affiliated with the university and exercise their competencies under direct supervision The president of the university, in particular, has the following:

الريادة في الدراسات والبحوث ، والجودة في الاستشارات العلمية


Leadership in studies and research, and quality in scientific consulting.

The message 

  1. Contributing to the development of scientific research to serve the community.
  2. Building bridges of communication and cooperation between the university and its surrounding environment.
  3. Investing expertise and research in addressing community issues, in a way that contributes to bringing about comprehensive development.


  1. Contribute to the development of plans and programs, in order to achieve the vision of the university.
  2. Supervising the implementation of the university's strategic plan in scientific research.
  3. Directing research and studies towards development and community service.
  4. Providing scientific advice to productive and service institutions.
  5. Contributing to achieving a comprehensive scientific renaissance that keeps pace with the times, and preserves the nation’s principles.

The center works on proposing and defining the goals, policies and priorities of scientific research within the university to ensure the implementation of the decisions of the university council. And to carry out research, studies and scientific consultations, and to set the time and scientific programs to achieve its goals. Preparing, training and developing the qualified and trained human elements necessary to achieve its goals. And coordinate with the relevant competent authorities inside and outside Libya with regard to achieving their goals. And to involve university and graduate studies programs in studying and solving the problems of the Libyan Arab community. And participate in the establishment of seminars and research and scientific seminars related to their specializations, either alone or in partnership with the viewers inside and outside Libya. Sabha University Research and Consulting Center

Director of the Center for Research and Scientific Consulting Sabha University : Dr. Jamal Abdullah Ahmad Abu Bakr
To view the CV of the Director of the Center, please click on the following link: CV
بقدم مركزالبحوث والاستشارات العلمية حامعة سبها خدماته الي الافراد والمؤسسات والمجتمع

Director of the Center for Research and Scientific Consulting Sabha University : Dr. Jamal Abdullah Ahmad Abu Bakr

Phone number: 0712626012

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