Inspection and Monitoring Office

Sebha University Inspection and Monitoring Office

The Office of Inspection and Monitoring at Sebha University is responsible for the following:

  • Monitoring the safety of all administrative procedures, identifying any malfunctions, and providing suggestions for their correction.
  • Taking measures to ensure smooth and efficient operation within the university.
  • Inspecting and monitoring university departments to ensure the correctness of administrative and financial procedures, guaranteeing compliance and proper handling of the university’s funds.
  • Ensuring compliance with established principles according to applicable legislation, as well as identifying and reporting any administrative and financial violations.
  • Preparing comprehensive reports on administrative and financial affairs within the university and providing necessary recommendations.
  • Monitoring legislation related to higher education and universities, or those relevant to the university’s activities, and ensuring compliance with the corresponding implementation procedures.
  • Monitoring the technical departments at the university to oversee project execution and ascertain their compliance with implementation terms, and reporting on such matters.
  • Monitoring the work of committees formed for specific tasks within the university and assessing the speed of their completion.

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