Human Resources Development Office

Human Resources Development Office at Sebha University :

Unquestionable, that the Office of Human Resources Development is one of the most important functions of the Administration due to its focus on the human element, which is considered the most valuable and valuable resource in the University،and from this standpoint, the Human Resources Department works to attract human Elements with high efficiency and effectiveness and continuous work to develop these elements through policies Clear procedures and a distinct work Environment that simulate the best practices and modern Technologies in the field of Human Resources.


Making Sebha University Specialized at attracting the most efficient  Human Resources that are available.


Attracting highly efficient and effective Human Resources and continuous work on developing these Elements through clear policies and procedures and a distinguished work Environment that simulates best practices and modern technologies in the field of Human Resources.


Developing a System for measuring and evaluating the performance of Employees, to ensure that everyone is given their Right, whether in promotion, bonuses, exceptional bonuses, or Material and Moral incentives, in light of the University’s regulations and policies.

Administrative Departments

Human resources management is divided into three sections:

  1. Department of Faculty Members
  2. Employees
  3. Training and Development

Main Tasks and Responsibilities :

  • Providing Analysis and description of available Jobs at Sebha University.

  • Administrating ,Saving, maintaining and update Employee Records.

  • Recommending the Training of Employees by nominating them for Training Courses through the University’ Training Center .
  • Containment, Directing and Instructing new Employees.
  • Preparing a Report including Employees Needs .
  • Preparing a Periodic Report related to the  Performance of University’s  Employees.
  • Preparing a Report related to Training Needs..

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Sebha University Human Resources Office