Office of Intellectual Property, Innovation and Patents

  Sebha University Office for  Intellectual Property, Innovation and Patents :

Based on the vision of Sebha University about the University, “leadership in Education, Scientific Research and Community Service”, Which is centered on supporting scientific Research, Innovation and Invention through the strategic plan of the University 2018-2023 and the Research plan of the   Research and Consultation Center  at the University from 2019 to 2023 and the Sebha University Award for Distinguished Research to Encourage a Culture of High-Impact Scientific Research and through scientific and Research development in the university it was decided to establish an office of intellectual property and Innovation and Patents.

Intellectual property Rights, which are exclusive Rights and depending on the applicant, may be Permanent or Temporary, and are granted to protect Intellectual Creations.

Intellectual Property Categories :

There are two categories of intellectual property, which are rights related to industrial property, and the second category is literary and artistic property, that mean copyright.

The Importance of Protecting Intellectual Property:

Intellectual property protection considered as a very important at stimulating Innovations and Inventions.


Protecting intellectual property and supporting innovation and invention


Supporting Scientific Research by protecting the Intellectual property of Innovators and Inventors at the University

Objectives :

  1. Protection of knowledge Production.
  2. Documenting knowledge, Intellectual and Scientific Production and Innovations.
  3. Contribute to spreading the Culture of Intellectual property, Innovation and patents at the University, and their licensing Procedures.

Duties of the Office of Intellectual Property, Innovation and Patents:

  • Publishing the Culture of Intellectual property, Innovation and Inventions in the University Community.
  • Providing Technical and Technical Consultations in the field of Intellectual Property Innovations and Inventions.
  • Work on settling Courses, Seminars and Technical Consultations in the field of Intellectual Property, Innovation and patents in Coordination with the Training and Development Center at the University.
  • Assistance in Registering Research to obtain patents with the competent local and International Authorities.
  • Building an Information base on Research at the University and the possibility of Registering it as a patent.
  • Studying and evaluating the Creative Ideas of University Affiliates.
  • Providing Consultancy and Technical Services to faculty Members and Researchers Regarding patents and assisting them in Registering their Inventions locally and Internationally
  • Settling workshops related to Intellectual Property, Innovation and Patents.
  • Carrying out Administrative and organizational procedures for Registering Intellectual property Rights with the competent Authorities, and assisting Innovators in obtaining a patent.
  • Participation in Conferences, Seminars and Courses held in the field of Patents.
  • Assisting in Marketing the product and delivering it to Investors.
  • Preparing Periodic and Annual Reports to the Office Manager.
  • Any other Tasks assigned to the Department by the Office Manager.

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