Scientific Excellence Award

Sebha University Scientific Excellence Award

The Scientific Excellence Award of Sebha University has been adopted by Decision No. 14 of the year 2018 issued by the Council of Sebha University on 27th September 2018.

About the Award

Based on Sebha University’s interest in and support for scientific research, authorship, and translation as key objectives that fulfill its mission, the University Council, in its first regular meeting of the year 2017 held on July 3, 2017, approved the establishment of an award under the name “Sebha University Excellence Award.” It issued Decision No. 9 of the year 2017 to form a committee to prepare its executive regulations.

The purpose of this award is to enhance the human resources within the university, strengthen their capabilities, and ensure the advancement of scientific research outcomes. It aims to contribute to building a knowledge society and serving the priorities of sustainable development in Libya. Additionally, the award aims to provide a stimulating research environment for researchers and the research process in order to achieve the desired objectives.

Award objectives

  • Spreading the culture of scientific research among all university constituents and the surrounding community.
  • Encouraging scientific research and fostering its advancement.
  • Supporting the efforts of researchers and innovators in the fields of the award
  • Enhancing the role of scientific research in serving the community, finding solutions to its problems, and meeting its needs.
  • Fostering the care for talented and creative researchers and encouraging them to contribute.
  • Motivating faculty members and university students to enhance their scientific and practical skills through conducting scientific research and disseminating its results.
  • Enhancing teaching methodologies at the university by focusing on the research aspect.
  • Supporting scientific research, authorship, and translation works.
  • Providing a stimulating research environment for faculty members and students.
  • Serving the goals of the university’s strategic plan.

Branches and fields of the award

The award categories are defined in the following axes, but not limited to:

  • Best research award for faculty member.
  • Best book authored or translated.
  • Best master’s thesis award.
  • Best research award for students

Comparison and choice

All submissions for the awards, which adhere to the specified criteria in each category, are presented to specialized judging committees composed of experts appointed by the university council to select the winning works. Their decisions are final and not subject to appeal. In the event that the difference between the candidates for the award does not exceed 2%, the award may be shared equally between them.

The Right to Compete

The right to compete for the awards is guaranteed to all members affiliated with Sebha University. After announcing the opening of the nomination process by the supervisory committees, which will be formed and announced, individuals can apply based on the conditions and criteria specified in each category of the awards.

It is not permissible to apply for more than one award from the university’s awards in the same year.

It is not permissible to apply for more than one university award in the same year.

Executive Regulations

Sebha University Scientific Excellence Award, Second Edition

It is accredited by Decision No. 14 of 2018 issued by the Sebha University Council on 27-9-2018 – The Technical Committee for preparing the regulations(President’s Decision No. 9 of 2017).

Executive regulations, second edition