About the Conference:

This conference endeavors to explore the intricate relationship between technology and knowledge integration and its implications for achieving sustainable development. In the modern era, technology and advanced communication tools play pivotal roles in expediting access to knowledge sources, facilitating efficient data analysis, and extracting precise results. Furthermore, contemporary technology significantly contributes to fostering knowledge integration across diverse scientific domains and disciplines by identifying connections and convergence points, while concurrently addressing the challenges  inherent in these processes

Objectives of the Conference:

  1. Exploring the seamless integration of knowledge and technology to address multifaceted dimensions of sustainable development.
  2.  Illuminating the pivotal role of knowledge and technology in fostering sustainable economic growth.
  3. Fostering the innovative use of technology to derive sustainable solutions across various sectors.
  4.  Identifying challenges and opportunities in achieving effective knowledge and technology integration.
  5.  Producing impactful results and recommendations for addressing issues related to knowledge and technology integration.


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