First International Conference on Applied Linguistics Language Learning and Teaching

(challenges and solutions)

Under the slogan

(Towards a better language education)


Linguistics is divided into two main branches, theoretical linguistics, applied linguistics, However, the aspects of connection between the two sections outweigh the aspects of difference.

Since applied linguistics is an interdisciplinary science, It has become necessary to consider the fabric (network) of its relations. defining its concepts and monitoring those relationships, Applied linguistics mediates language theories and language teaching practice. At the same time, it derives its topics from neighboring fields of knowledge. Such as: psycholinguistics, and sociolinguistics, theoretical linguistics, education; Educational linguistics comes at the forefront of the branches of applied linguistics in terms of importance. What made scientists and researchers care about this branch and give it special attention in its various aspects.

Applied linguistics is a comprehensive field of second language acquisition. It invests theoretical knowledge related to all language levels in order to remove learning obstacles.

As for educational linguistics and technology, Technology is no longer just a tool accompanying the learning process. Rather, she was able to become a substitute for the language teacher sometimes. Sometimes, in place of a physical classroom, This change led to a reconsideration of pedagogical concepts and theories in general. and language pedagogy in particular.

The field of applied linguistics in the Arab world is still groping in comparison with Western achievements. Therefore, the task of taking care of him was entrusted to the faculties of languages. Arabic language departments in universities, Language is the gateway to science, thought, identity and peace.

finally, This conference will raise a number of issues. raises a number of problems, and evaluates a number of projects; to facilitate language teaching and learning, And that is through the topics that will be presented in it.

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