International conference on the spread of the phenomenon of corruption in society

(causes and solutions)

Under the slogan

Fighting corruption is everyone’s responsibility

12/13-12-2022 F.

Language Center, Sebha University


About the conference:

The concept of corruption refers to the misuse of power in order to achieve personal gains and benefits at the expense of public interest and benefits. In addition, it is a negative phenomenon that hinders the development and development of human societies.

Developed and developing societies alike suffered from the growing phenomenon of corruption, so corruption emerged as a global issue. He moved from a mere domestic national obsession to one of the issues of globalization, and this coincided with the growing call for economic reform and democratic orientation.

Many reports of anti-corruption organizations and bodies have monitored and recorded unprecedented levels of corruption, which is reflected in the impediment of economic growth. and low level of social development.

The emergence of many crises in the international community, such as wars and the Corona virus crisis, led to the increase in the spread of this phenomenon. This led to the emergence of economic, social and political disparity. Considering that Libya is an integral part of the international community, it has suffered and is still suffering from the scourge of wars. I also faced the Covid-19 crisis, Many governments followed, which contributed to an increase in justified and unjustified spending. And the results are counterproductive from the decline in services in all aspects of life, and based on the educational and guidance role of the community, the National Anti-Corruption Authority called for the exercise of its assigned role, resolved, In cooperation with Sebha University, To hold the scientific conference titled (The International Conference on the Spread of the Phenomenon of Corruption in Society – Causes and Solutions)

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