The Fifth Conference for Postgraduate Students Sebha University

We welcome you to the conference website


About the Conference:

In affirmation of Sebha University’s message in grounding and disseminating the culture of scientific research, the Faculty of Agriculture is pleased to organize the fifth conference for postgraduate students at the university to enhance interest and elevate the level of its postgraduate programs. This conference aims to contribute to the qualification of scientific cadres capable of contributing to the localization of sciences and knowledge, advancing the society in all scientific fields, connecting the university with public and private institutions of the state, and creating bridges for communication with other universities.

Conference Themes:

First Theme: Research and Applied Sciences

Second Theme: Humanities

Third Theme: Health and Medical Sciences


Participants are classified as follows:

  1. Participation with a research idea or research plan – Research Plan Participation Model
  2. Participation with research that has not yet reached final results – Research Participation Model that has not reached final results
  3. Participation with a full research paper and presentation of its results

Conference Participation Requirements:

  1. The research must be related to one of the conference themes.
  2. The research must be original and not previously published or presented at scientific meetings.
  3. Research is accepted in both Arabic and English languages, while considering linguistic and spelling rules in writing.
  4. The researcher must follow the writing standards approved by Sebha University journals.
  5. If the researcher’s personal participation is not feasible, a remote presentation arrangement can be made.