Sebha University has been committed to establishing and developing the role of scientific research through various means, foremost among them being the support for post graduate studies due to their importance in enriching scientific research, which will have a positive impact on serving the community.

In this context, the university has initiated an annual conference for post graduate studies to encourage communication among students and create opportunities for exchanging ideas and proposals. Undoubtedly, post graduate studies at Sebha University are witnessing significant development that deserves a platform for researchers to showcase their research accomplishments through graduate study programs, thereby helping to promote a culture of scientific communication, stimulate the pursuit of excellence and creativity.

The aim of this conference is:

  • Introducing scientific research related to post graduate studies, encouraging and developing research skills among students.
  • Monitoring the status of post graduate study programs in different universities through the presentations made.
  • Strengthening relationships between various sciences to serve the development of scientific research.
  • Formulating important recommendations that will play an effective role in anticipating and shaping the future of graduate studies.

To access the conference, click here