The Second International Conference on Science and Technology

The objectives of the conference

  • Providing an opportunity for researchers and individuals interested in the fields of science and technology to meet, discuss, exchange knowledge, experiences, and experiments in various scientific fields and related research issues.


  • Integrating theory and application, enhancing the role of applied sciences in serving society, and finding solutions to its problems by strengthening the relationship between higher education, industrial, and commercial institutions in the country, and developing connections between scientific and technological institutions and research centers locally and internationally.


  • Evaluating the analysis of natural phenomena, discovering resources, and harnessing them to contribute to enhancing the production capacity of industrial institutions, assessing major environmental and health issues, among others, to provide suitable scientific solutions.

Conference Themes

  • Basic and Applied Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Biology, Earth Sciences.
  • Technological Sciences: Biotechnology, Medical Laboratories, Food Science and Technology, Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Medical Technology.
  • Engineering Sciences: Electronics and Telecommunications, Petroleum and Energy, Civil and Architecture, Mechanical, Chemical.
  • Information Technology and Computer Sciences: Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Database Systems, Information Systems, Computer Networks, Information Security, Software Engineering, Algorithms, Computer-Assisted Education.